How to clean and maintain your expensive rugs

As an owner of a expensive rug, or a future owner of a expensive rug, it is detrimental to you to not know how to keep your rug clean and well looked after. Keeping your rug looking as good as the first day you bought it is essential to maintain the effect the rug has on the room in which it is placed. One of the best options for cleaning your rug is to get it professionally cleaned by an expert rug cleaner, but if you cannot get your rug professionally cleaned, here are some ways to keep your rug clean and well kept. 

When cleaning your rug, make sure to go about your cleaning with caution and patience. When cleaning your rug, depending on the material it is mad from, some cleaners may not suit your particular rug. Before starting cleaning, check the label on your rug if there is one(located generally beneath a corner of the rug) that may include specified and at times very important information or steps to follow when cleaning the rug. When cleaning your rug be certain to not use any strong or harsh chemicals or cleaners such as bleach, and ammonia. Professional cleaning is very strongly recommended if your rug is especially delicate, of antique value, or damaged.

Follow these simple steps in order to thoroughly clean you rug. Using this method will require to put the rug out for a period of time in order to dry. When drying, attempt to try the rug as much as possible in order to avoid damage to the rug due to mold or mildew. If the rug feels stiff shortly after the cleaning and drying of your rug, keep the rug flat, and vacuum and use it like your would regularly and your rug will return to its original, cleaner state.

Step #1. Vacuum the front and back of your rug

Step #2. Proceed to shake your rug, firmly but not vigorously to free any dirt or debris the vacuum did not pick up. If you own a particularly larger rug, it is recommended that you request the aid of another person. If you have a larger rug, and are having another person help you, ask them to grab two of the corners of your rub as you grab two corners of the rug and shake the rug well enough in order to remove as much dirt as possible.

Step #3. Pick up and move your rug to an area where it is clean, whether it be indoors or outdoors, if the area is not clean, make sure to clean it before proceeding. Your rug should be laid flat on a surface in an area that you will not mind becoming wet. Examples are a bathtub, a garage or patio.

Step #4.Use the bathroom faucet or a hose to spray or run cold water over the rug.

Step #5. Make a rug cleaning solution that is diluted with a small dab of commercial rug shampoo(depending on the recommended amounts on the backside of the bottle) or about 2 and a half tablespoons of gentle, non harmful, regular dish washing soap with a gallon of cold water. Dawn dishwashing soap is a dish washing soap for this purpose.

Step #6. Proceed to test your created solution on a small area of your carpet.

Step #7. While using a brush with soft, long hair. Proceed to clean your rug while brushing in the direction of the nap. To determine the direction of this nap,(this is important) move your hand softly across surface the surface of the rug, parallel to the direction of the rug’s fringed ends. After doing so, is it with a high possibility that you will notice a direction in which the coloring is darker in contrast to the opposite direction, which should be lighter. The direction of the nap is determined by the direction of the lighter colored coloring.

Step #8. Proceed to thoroughly wash and rinse the carpet in its entirety with clean water

Step #9. Use a deep cleaner or a specified carpet or rug squeegee to eliminateany extraneous water.

Step #10. Be sure to thoroughly dry your rug laying flat.

Step #11. Vacuum your rug when it finishes drying.

After reading this, it is likely that you are now more knowledgeable of cleaning and maintaining your expensive rug. Remember, it is highly recommended you bring your rug to professional rug cleaner if you are looking to clean your rug that may be especially if your rug is especially delicate, of antique value, or damaged. I sincerely hope that you will now be able to maintain your rug to be as clean and looking as new as the day you bought it or even better.

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